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Trausnitz Castle

Tapestry Rooms

First, second and third Tapestry Room (rooms 20, 23 and 24)
and St George Knights' Hall (room 25)

Magnificent rooms were furnished on this floor in the German Renaissance style in 1869-75 as accommodation for King Ludwig II, but these were destroyed in the castle fire of 1961.


Picture: Tapestry from the Otto-von-Wittelsbach series

Tapestry from the Otto-von-Wittelsbach series: "Emperor Friedrich
Barbarossa grants Otto the Duchy of Bavaria", Paris, 1618 (room 25)

Today these halls are used to display an important, valuable series of eleven large tapestries featuring "The deeds of Count Palatinate Otto von Wittelsbach".

They were made for Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria in 1618 in Paris, from designs by the court painter Peter Candid.

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